the rise and Fall of Clash of clans

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Clash of Clans is one the best games that I ever played on an Android device. Every day new games are introduced in the market but very few gain popularity and reach a huge number of downloads.

Clash of Clans got 500Million+ of downloads to this day but the game's losing popularity over time.

 Supercell was earning approximately 5.5 million dollars per day from this game but now this game is not even in the top 10 charts of the app store and play store.

Before we find out why the game's popularity is decreasing we have to find out why the game even became popular in the first place

COC marketed its game through ads and sponsorships on platforms like youtube. Which made it reach a few players. Those players started spending a lot of time on COC and even invited their friends to play with them.

Reason behind the popularity

In COC staying online for a lot of time has lots of benefits. First of all, no one can attack your village while you are online and you can keep on attacking the other player's villages. Just keep on training the army and clashing to gain some sweet trophies and upgrade your village.

Upgrading your village takes a lot of time so, many players started spending real money on the game. That's why this game's very addictive so, many YouTubers started playing it.

IT is Addictive

Ironically the most addictive part of the game led to its downfall.  The game wants you to spend a lot of time on it so, it is designed to keep you occupied for several hours.

Why The Game's Loosing  Popularity

But the players do not want to wait for that town hall to take 7 days to upgrade or wait for 20 minutes for training the army and most importantly it kind of becomes a hindrance from letting you enjoy the game.

The introduction of Fast-paced games like free fire and Pubg in the market led to the downfall of slow-paced games like Clash of Clans. Unlike COC, PUBG, and free fire allowed players to enjoy every moment of their game so the downfall COC was inevitable