Write Your Own Product Review

Currently accepting reviews only for laptops and TVs. Try too keep the information as accurate as possible and thanks for your help!

Your Review Should Mention

1.For Laptops

  • Laptop name and model number. 
  • Battery Life
  • Boot Time, and charging time
  • Benchmarks, if it’s a gaming laptop. Not very important, but you will have every gamer’s respect. 
  • Display quality. Indoor and Outdoor usage. 
  • Build quality. 
  • Mention the specs if you want. Or, I will handle it myself. 
  • And any other detail that you find important. 

2.For TVs

  • Display quality. You don’t have to be too technical, just mention if it’s good or bad. 
  • Apps available (very important).
  • RAM and storage capacity. 
  • Audio quality. 
  • If the OS is laggy, do mention it. 

And any other detail that you find important.