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I got rid of my 32 bit Windows laptop in 2017. So, I usually have a lot of recommendations if someone asks me about 32 bit PC games. And when I first thought of writing this article, I wanted to list all the games which I enjoyed and are worth playing, but it didn’t seem very practical. So, for this article, I am going to cover 10 games that I loved the most, and I highly recommend you to play all of these games at least once. 

best 32bit pc games

Alien Isolation

32 bit pc games

You don’t need jump scares to make a game scary. Alien Isolation is a perfect example to prove this statement. Player’s helplessness and little to no control over the game’s environment make Alien Isolation one of the best horror games ever made. And if you have seen Alien movies, you know how scary Xenomorphs can be, but it’s nothing compared to hiding under a table while the Alien is in front of you. And while controlling Amanda Ripley, you will have to use every tool and tactic to survive and stay away from the Alien. But it isn’t very easy, as the Alien isn’t the only threat, hostile Androids and survivors will also try to eliminate you. So, even if you play this game in broad daylight, it won’t feel any less scary.    

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

games for 32 bit pc

Sailing in the Caribbean sea while your crew sings sea shanties, roughly describes the environment and mood of Assassin’s Creed 4. Edward Kenway, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed 4, is a pirate who has little or nothing to do with the ancient Assassin-Templar war, but his greed and desires change everything he believes in. I don’t want to spoil too much, as I am assuming you haven’t played this game and Edward’s story and character are what make this game a must-play. 

From fighting legendary ships to exploring shipwrecks beneath the sea, Assassin’s Creed 4 delivers one of the most immersive open worlds ever. Even after gaining 100% synchronization, which isn’t very easy, there’s always something to do, and the open-world of Assassin’s Creed 4 is a world worth exploring.             

Total Overdose

best games for 32bit pc

I may be biased at this point, but, I don’t care because I love this game. A funny but interesting tale of a gunslinger and his brother seeking revenge for their father’s death with a gameplay that matches the style and theme of this game, make Total Overdose a masterpiece. Ramiro Cruz’s style, dialogues and other fun characters will make you play this game again and again. I don’t know how to talk about the Total Overdose’s gameplay. Let’s just say it’s a third-person shooter, where sometimes you can kill enemies by charging at them like a bull or start shooting with overpowered guitars. It sounds weird but, trust me, you will enjoy doing this.  

Prince of persia Warrior Within

Best 32 bit PC games

Getting a new Prince of Persia game seems impossible and it’s quite sad as Prince of Persia is my favourite video game series. For most of you, this might not be a recommendation, because there’s no way you haven’t played this game but if you haven’t, I don’t know what you are waiting for. Prince’s journey on a mysterious island to escape his fate and his battle against Dahaka, the guardian of time, is a story that I can never forget. The combat, tough enemy types, boss battles and Dahaka chase sequences make the gameplay of this game as intense as its story.     

Onimusha 3

best 32 bit pc games

Another video game series where I have no hope of getting a sequel. Onimusha franchise is so underrated, and due to this, I don’t blame you if you haven’t played or heard anything about this game. But now, do yourselves a favour and play this game and within an hour you will become a fan of its characters, music, environment and gameplay. But I guess this isn’t enough to make you play this game. Let me give you an idea of its plot. Jacques finds his city under attack by demons, and while fighting for his life, he is teleported to past where he is offered the powers of an Oni Warrior, and he must stop Nobunaga, the demon lord to protect his city and his son. This emotional and inspiring quest is presented with powerful characters, excellent voice acting, many touching moments and a challenging gameplay with many secrets to discover.    

Devil May Cry 3

Best 32 bit PC games

When I first played Devil May Cry 3, I had no idea that I was about to experience the most stylish game of all time. And the very first cutscene with Dante filled me with joy. Dante isn’t a regular video game protagonist, well he’s a demon, but here I am talking about his character and charisma. Every second he’s on-screen becomes memorable once you play this game. Dante’s on a mission to save humans from demons, I know it sounds too cliche but, trust me it’s not. I wanted to give you more details about the story, but the events of DMC 3 happened before any other Devil May Cry game, so I highly recommend you to play this game without getting any spoilers.    

Bioshock Infinite

Best 32bit PC games

A game’s story is only as good as its ending. This is entirely true in Bioshock Infinite’s case. Playing as Booker DeWitt, your mission is to rescue a girl from a city floating above the clouds. And the floating city of Columbia is so well designed that many times you will get distracted from your mission while admiring its beauty. From character models to tiny leaves, this game is visually perfect. The gameplay is simple, but fun and different difficulty modes are great if you are looking for a challenge. But the gameplay isn’t what makes this game unique, it’s the story, and believe me, you will play this game twice.  

Assassin’s Creed 2

32 bit pc games

Assassin’s Creed 2, this game changed the way I see video games and their characters. Touching characters, story, music and one of the best video game protagonists ever, Ezio Auditore make Assassin’s Creed 2 the best game in the series. The way Ezio begins as a careless boy and turns into a wise man is something that every gamer should experience.

Split Second velocity

games for 32bit pc

I don’t like racing games but Split Second is an exception because I haven’t seen any other racing game where I can make a plane crash on the race track to take out my rivals. And that’s not all, helicopters can be used to throw barrels at other racing scars, cars and trucks on roadsides can be exploded to slow down or wreck the other cars, or if you want to go all out, you can make an entire bridge collapse. Each car in this game controls differently, and you will have fun while finding the one which suits your playing style.     

Resident evil 5

32bit pc games

Not everyone liked this Resident 5 evil but speaking about me, I enjoyed every moment of this game. Fighting giant zombie monsters, zombies that can shoot or just making sure my partner doesn’t die kept me engaged in this game. Even though it’s not the best Resident Evil game, it’s a super fun game with its own style and atmosphere. I have completed this game on all difficulties, and it’s worth it because I have many good memories with this game.   

If you have played all of these games, do tell me in the comments section below because these games are my absolute favourites and don’t forget to leave some suggestions for other gamers and if you want 10 more 32 bit PC games, let me know.  

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