10 Cool And Fun Websites You Need To Visit

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cool and fun websites

You have read the title, you know what the article is about so, let’s skip this boring intro and begin with the fun part. 



Link: https://xkcd.com/


You like comics? Of course, you like comics. xkcd is filled with thousands of short comics. Some are very clever, some are really funny, and some may keep you thinking for a while. You can click on the random button to read, you guessed it, any random comic on the website or you can subscribe for weekly comics by submitting your email. Do try this website if you are a fan of comics. 


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There’s no harm in a clever and fun prank. With Geek Prank you can prank your friends in various ways. Create a fake chat, send fake and hilarious news articles, and if you can get access to their computer or laptop, you can prank them by changing their OS. The hacker prank is my favourite, you can type complete gibberish with your keyboard, but on the screen, it will look like hacking-codes. And if you don’t know how to code, this is the closest you can get to feeling like a hacker. 


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Little Alchemy is a fun game, but it isn’t an easy one to beat. You begin with four items, and you have to combine them in different ways to create more items. There are 720 items to create, and currently, I am stuck at 112. Do tell me if you manage to beat my score, but don’t watch any walkthroughs online, try to keep it as a challenge. Good luck!  


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Most of the sites ask you to fill your email id if you want to continue using their services. But if you don’t like having your inbox filled with notifications and promotions, you can use minute inbox. You can get a randomly generated email id, which can remain functional for as less as 10 minutes or if you have some bigger plans you use it for 30 days. It’s convenient and super useful.  


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Another game but this time it’s from Google. An AI will ask you to draw 6 random objects, one at a time, within 20 seconds. I highly doubt if it will help you in improving your drawing skills, but it’s fun for sure.


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There’s no way you haven’t heard of Akinator. This AI genie can read your mind, but he asks a lot of question before coming to any conclusion. You can think of any fictional or real-life person, and Akinator will try to guess your character. It’a simple concept, but really interesting. As Akinator has been around for almost a decade, it’s pretty sure that people like when someone tries to read their mind.


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MBTI personality test tries to divide the entire population into 16 types. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but the results are surprisingly accurate. And I am not the only person who’s saying this as MBTI Personality test is quite popular. This 16personalities website is one of the many sites that use MBTI calculations to predict your personality type. The site will ask you a series of questions, try to be as honest as possible, and after reading the results, you will start knowing yourself a bit better, probably.    


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Boredbutton might not be the coolest site on this list, but it can help you in discovering many unique and exciting websites. The name of this website tells you everything that you need to know, you are bored, and you are given a button to press, but you have no idea of where you will be taken after pressing the button. So yeah, a must-try if you are bored. 


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The Library Of Babel is fascinating and depressing at the same time. As the name suggests, it’s a library, but this library holds every book that can be written with the English language. These words that you are reading were there in the Library Of Babel even before I wrote this article. So, technically a way to build a time machine is there in the pages of this website, but we may never find it. As I said, fascinating and depressing at the same time.   


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It seems that something like Skynet from Terminator series isn’t yet possible. Most of the AIs use strict algorithms and are hardly intelligent at all. But it doesn’t make the AI chatbots any less interesting. I have been a fan of this concept for a long time, and after trying many chatbots, I can confirm that the Cleverbot is the best. Every conversation with him feels unique, and some can get really weird. And I think it’s safe to say he has no plans and resources to take over the world, not yet.   

That’s all for now, but I had so much fun writing this so, do tell me if you want some more unique and fun websites. 

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